Wednesday, September 8, 2010

you make me smile.
you always make me
happy and laugh.
you make me how i am.
you care for me.
you love me.
and i know that i am
special to you.
i am your evrything and
you are my anything.
i love you to no end.
you make me feel so special.
so important.
you make me feel like i am something.
like i can do anything.
but you also make me cry.
you make me hurt myself.
you bring out the hatred
in my eyes,that people fear.
you make my tears flow.
you put me down.
you make me feel like im nothing again.
you make me feel small.
you fed me lies,
that i believed so many times.
you broke my heart,
and fixed it up over and over.
you make me so crazy.
you make me insane.
you crash my happiness.
you took my smile.
and you stole me.
you took everything from me.
but i let you.
i gave you love.
i gave you my trust.
i gave you my whole heart.
you took it,
and made me hurt.
you made me miserable.
you make me love you,
when i dont want to.
you make me come back to you.
i cant even forget...if i wanted.
you make me remember.
remember all the bad times.
bad phone calls.
if this is all we are,
its just best if we arent together.
if we never were.

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