Wednesday, September 8, 2010


each day in with you,
another piece of me breaks away.
leaving but another
open sore.
everytime i see you,
i look away only to
keep my tears down.
i still love you.
i love you to the point
to where it hurts like hell.
you didnt hurt me
but love me.
love me as i loved you.
accept me as i accepted you.
and see me as i saw you.
but you did hurt me.
and i let it happen.
i let you run me over,
i let you have your ways.
i let you touch me,
i let you in.
i trusted you.
i lvoed you.
i wanted you mine.
but you were never
really mine.
you never will be.
youre not mine to hold,
youre not mine to keep,
not mine to love.
you are hers.
you love her and i love you.
and why cant you see that?
she doesnt love you
like i do.
everyday i ask myself
why i let you do those
things to me.
why i let you
run me over.
but i never come up
with any answer but:
''it was because i loved you,
and i didnt care.''
and its true i didnt care.
i knew you werent and never would be mine.
but i liked to think
that you were.
i didnt care
because i loved you so much.
and i didnt care
what happened.
but i didnt expect to get hurt,
nor run over.

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